Globalisation makes second language a bonus

Canada is known for having two official languages, English and French, yet its diverse languages that make Canada a unique place of diversity.

Learning extra language is an opportunity, which some of us miss out. A country like India has hundreds of languages with a population of more than a billion. Indians do take advantage of learning extra languages and look for better opportunities in life.

The big advantage of learning a second language is that it can really help your career. Globalization means that it is now necessary to do business with people who speak different languages. As a result employers are constantly looking for people who are able to speak additional languages. If you have a job skill and the ability to speak more than one language you will find yourself in huge demand with employers. Of course this will depend in large part on what languages you are able to speak.

Being able to speak a second language also means that you will be able to go and work in other countries. We are expanding our knowledge and thinking skills. The younger you are better the brain functions. So, that extra language will stick into your head. We focus better and the fear is not there. Travelling and research will be a cake walk. Your ability to talk to others and gain knowledge beyond the world of English can contribute to your community and your country.

Discover new worlds! Get an insider’s view of another culture and a new view of your own. Studying a new language, reading other people’s stories, and connecting with people in their own language can be a source of pleasure and surprise. Connect with other cultures. Learning about other cultures will help you expand your personal horizons and become a responsible citizen.

I admire the immigrants who come to our region and learn English as a second language. They go to night school to learn the language; some carry a language translator. Their determination to learn the language is very aspiring. It’s a struggle, like any foreign obstacle but at the end they want to be another successful Canadian. Due to globalization ESL students around the world have risen dramatically.

My Tamil language teacher, with limited resources encourages us to learn and write Tamil. She uses drama as a technique to improve language skills. Her goal is to make sure we learn the language with confidence, interact and improve vocabulary. We participated at the Tamil Cultural nite festival and won awards.

I went though French immersion and see a lot of opportunities for young Canadians. At the end, I feel parents have to make commitment and encourage their children to be part of the learning process. If we lack, we would have difficulty in competing with new commers.

This is my last opinion column. I enjoyed every bit. I did research and spoke to people. I must thank the staff members at the Record Newspaper for selecting me. Youth editorial is a good program and I would encourage youths apply for next year.

Lakshmi Sivakumar is a student at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute in Kitchener.

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