The Influence of Music in Life

The Influence of Music in Life                       

Music is something that people of all ages have been affected or influenced by. However, there are many different views on music. Some people come to believe that music is a way of expression and life, while others disagree with them and say that music does not influence.

According to Canadian-based researchers all over the country, there is evidence that children who are exposed to music at an early age have a better and faster memory compared to those who don’t have any musical influences on them at all. Other researchers at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) put 12 children between the ages of 4 and 6 under musical influence for one year. After the year was over, the researchers looked over the memory and general IQ results of the 12 children and found outstanding results. The tested children’s IQ level, memory power, and math skills soared upwards, leaving them much smarter than their fellow peers.

Another study, based on the results from college admission SAT exams, was done by Virgil Griffith, a graduate from the California Institute of Technology. He found that the smartest students, who all got above average on their tests, listened to Beethoven. The students with the lowest test scores were found to be listening to modern day artists. Plenty of other studies have shown similar results.

Another benefit of music is that it does not only help the educational aspect of children and teens, but also their social life. A special program called the Mozart and Movement Program tests many theories about music and its contribution to the development of the brain. Rose Williams, a 7 year old girl who has been in the program since the age of 2, was a shy girl, but within a year of being under the musical persuasion, she became much more outgoing. “We took the Mozart and Movement class this past year and it’s just incredible how she came out of her shell,” Jill Williams, her mother, said.

In conclusion, making a difference in your child’s life isn’t too difficult. Introducing music to them can be as simple as playing Mozart, Beethoven, or any other classical composer in the background while they are playing or resting. Enrolling them in music lessons is also very beneficial to their learning process. Music doesn’t have to be something that children find boring. Making a music lesson fun or getting yourself involved in your child’s lesson can make this learning experience both fun and beneficial as well.

Anjali Abraham, Cambridge, Ontario.

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