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We need a made-in-Canada solution to keeping jobs in this country

The economic boom in developing nations has decreased the authenticity of Canadian goods. Look at any brand name clothing or product and the chances are very slim that they were made in Canada. North American corporations shift their production overseas … Continue reading

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Is it worth it to expand trade with violators of human rights?

Recent global events have attracted attention because of the issues of trade and human rights. Human rights have been challenged by authoritarian regimes. Some of these countries have poor records on human rights and do not hesitate to lock up … Continue reading

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Newcomers to Canada have a different take on the question of Quebec separatism

There are three groups of people who view Quebec separatism differently: English Canadians, French Canadians and new Canadians. The first two groups have been debating the issue for some time. The last has joined the debate recently. (Another group I … Continue reading

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The multicultural arts scene reflects the diversity of Waterloo Region

Multicultural arts and culture rejuvenates Waterloo Region. Over the years, artists have come from across the globe to reside in our communities to spread their knowledge, culture and arts. A good example is Isabel Cisterna, a popular artist from Chile … Continue reading

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